SEEDS Investments, SEEDS  an acronym for Social Entrepreneurship & Enterprise Development Strategies,

is a cooperative corporate operating on the model of a SICAV (a variable-capital collective investment coporation) created in Geneva in July 2014 with the aim of helping and acting as catalyst for grass-roots African entrepreneurs who seek to positively impact their communities through their activities.

In addition to supporting projects and start-ups with high social impact capacity, SEEDS Investments has a wide range of investment portfolios managed through its management companies.

SEEDS Investments believes strongly in the economic benefits of a “trickle-up effect” for a more inclusive development rather than the traditional “trickle-down”.

Our Commerce Registry :

  • Click this link http://rc.ge.ch/ecohrcmatic/, (the official website of the Geneva Registry of Commerce) ;
  • Then type SEEDS in the form field ;
  • They are several companies having SEEDS in common in their business name and operating in Switzerland will come out ;
  • Click on Cooperative SEEDS Investments to access the statutes of the cooperative and its signatories registered in the Geneva Registry of Commerce.

We are already established in Geneva through SEEDS GENEVA and Cooperative SEEDS INVESTMENTS, and also Benin by SEEDS BENIN SARL.

We will raise our profile throughout Africa in the nearest future.

Marc Dimcovski


Bernard Vlakpa

Vice-President & CEO



  • Creation of a local investment fund in order to strategically and effectively invest in the global market opportunities
  • Establishment of business incubators
  • Capital mobilization and financing of projects meeting the criteria defined by SEEDS


  • Equity participation or acquisition of shareholdings on behalf of Cooperative SEEDS INVESTMENTS
  • Arranging various financial operations including M&A (mergers and acquisitions), leveraged buyout
  • Arranging business financing


  • Market Analysis
    • Identifying buyers and sellers demands
    • Developing a product intelligence activity (primarily in Africa)
    • Finding out and keep up with the buying and selling rates, in different markets
  • Prospection
    • Prospecting customers – potential buyers or sellers
    • Identifying purchase orders and offers for sale
    • Collecting the requests of customers
  • Advisory
    • Advising clients based on our market expertise
    • Helping contacts between seller and buyer
  • Negotiation
    • Negotiating general and special conditions (price, volume, method of payment …)
    • Helping finalize the perfect agreement for the parties and formalize itr
  • Drafting and Monitoring
    • Formulating the confirmation of the agreement which SEEDS witnessed
    • Following up the contract: check that the terms are met, delivery, etc.
    • Ensure litigation management (certified mediator)
  • Trade
    • Integrated trade
    • Isolated independent business and independent business partner
  • Distribution
    • Availability of the product at the supplier’s premises
    • Delivery by the supplier at the customer’s premises


  • Ensuring communication, promotion, marketing services for foreign companies in Benin and Africa, as well as supervisory and coordinating actions of local partners
  • Product Distribution for international companies


  • Economic Development Advisory Services
    • Public relations advisory to national and local Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) agencies, including branding and international road shows
    • Asset management & advisory services
    • Coaching, analysis, monitoring and evaluation
    • Restructuring and Recapitalization
  • Skills Management (expertise and engineering)
  • Service delivery: Diagnostic studies, strategic planning, organizational consulting services, recruitment, mergers and acquisitions, human resources and financial resources management, information systems and information & communications technologies, marketing, production, research and development of new products and services, analysis of the organizational environment, establishment of performance indicators, organizational restructuring, clients and employees satisfaction assessment, change management and facilitation of turning around companies


  • Distance education or distance learning
  • Management of internal and external offer (online training)
  • Capacity building (seminars, conferences and continuing education)


How to become a member or associate of our Cooperative?

To become a member of Cooperative SEEDS Investments, you must fill out the attached membership form together with a copy of your valid ID or passport and pay at least one social part of CHF 13 (Swiss francs).In case you neither live in Switzerland nor Benin for you to pay in person the CHF 13 CHF, kindly print the membership form, fill it out, sign both pages; scan it together with a copy of your valid ID or passport and then attach the proof of the bank transfer of the paid-up social parts on our account in Switzerland. Email us all these files at contact@seedsroupe.com.

Do you want to invest in SEEDS?

Cooperative SEEDS Investments is a variable capital investment corporation that acts as a collective fund. Anyone wishing to invest in the cooperative are welcome. They must, however, contact the Board to inquire about the terms defining the management of their investment.

Financing your project

Your project can be financed in two different ways

  • Direct Investment

    Cooperative SEEDS Investments can directly invest in your company through equity participation.

  • Crowdfunding

    If you have an innovative project, or if you are a group of women, cooperatives, young entrepreneurs… – all being associate of cooperative SEEDS Investments – your project may possibly be financed by other members of the cooperative or directly supported by investors through our platform www.seedsinvests.com

Projects to be financed

We finance and support projects that are consistent with our criteria, namely

Added value Jobs

Creating added value jobs on a large scale


Preserving the environment : a key factor in substainable development


Helping entrepreneurs access the information needed to reflect and act on ethical issues


Everyone should be a winner : customer, supplier, employee, entrepreneur, stakeholders

It is necessary to be an associate member to receive funding.

SEEDS Investments’ project is built around two main pillars

  • The implementation of projects with high social impact

This will require structuring coaching and financing of cooperatives, women’s groups and other young local entrepreneurs involved in various sectors and whose activities and projects are in perfect harmony with the criteria predefined by SEEDS Investments. The goal is to have the greatest impact on grassroots communities and create value-added jobs on a large scale. We believe implementing new technologies and methods in traditional economic sectors enhances and empowers all actors in the focus communities.

  • Management of Investment Portfolios

Through our management companies, most of which will be subsidiaries of the cooperative SEEDS Investments, several investment portfolios and equity acquisitions in other companies will be managed on behalf of the parent company based in Geneva. SEEDS Investments’ management companies whose role is to ensure the sustainability of the SEEDS project will be primarily used to ensure the development of SEEDS Group throughout Africa and expand the financing portfolio allocated to projects of the members of SEEDS Investments.

At the end of each year, we project that 10% dividend on the nominal value of the cooperative should revert to all associates on the basis of the results achieved on all investments made by SEEDS Investments. Dividends may be positive as well as negative.

For more information on the projects being funded, the crowdfunding platform of the cooperative, the online bank of each associate, etc. please visit


Get in touch with us


Address in Switzerland

  • Location
    Centre Œcuménique – Route des Morillons 1 à 5
    1218 Le Grand-Saconnex
    Geneva – Switzerland
  • Mobile
    +41 77 491 4033
  • Office
    +41 22 788 1653
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Address in Benin

  • Location
    Scoa Gbéto C/193-194 – Avenue Steinmetz – Immeuble OCTOGONE
  • Mobile
    +229 61 34 77 61 / +229 95 23 19 33
  • Office
    +229 22 05 08 95
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